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So a couple months ago I had sex with a girl who I had been seeing, she gave me a yeast infection which went away within about a week on its own. A month later or so, It seemed like the skin on the head of my penis was red in certain spots. Everyday it was a different spot which seemed to be red or had a little needle sized red bump. They did not hurt, nor cause any discomfort. Sometimes they would go away within hours. So I looked online and decided to switch soaps to see if maybe that was the cause, sure enough the red bumps disappeared but then i began to have pain in my urethra if I squeezed the tip of my penis. So now I had no little red bumps, but the tip of my penis would hurt only if squeezed, it did not hurt to urinate. Then about a week later, I developed a lump under the skin on the shaft of the penis which was only there in the mornings. It would come and go and it was only under the skin, it was movable. I am not sure what to think or do, obviously getting tested would be the best idea but I don't have health insurance and quite frankly I'm terrified. So as of right now, I have pain in my urethra if I apply pressure to the tip, and I can almost swear I can feel a tiny little bump in there where it hurts, and every once in a while the lump comes back in the mornings. My urine flow has been undisturbed and there is no blood in my urine. Today after urinating, a small amount of white discharge came out from my penis, it did not hurt. It has been about 4 months since this has all started happening since the first red spots. Any comments or suggestions on what it could be would be greatly appreciated.

Hi John,

So first of all, even if you don't have insurance, there are place you can go, like Planned Parenthood and your local health departments that can do full range STI screenings for VERY LOW costs and perhaps even for free depending on your monthly or yearly income; so money is no excuse for your health! With that being said, you have progressed from fungal to bacterial and its quite possible you're describing the symptoms of chlamydia or gonorrhea to me, in which case you are way overdue for some help. If you put this off any longer you will only progress in your stages and this will do even more internal damage to your organs. The discharge alone set off my alarms because that's complete indicative of bacterial STI's. You need to be on an antibiotic, so whatever you income status, you need to put that aside and make a phone call to get checked out TODAY, because four months is far to long. Please Please tell me you either have not had intercourse since this has happened or you have at least practiced safer sex since then because everyone you've been with and the person who you slept with ALL have this. Please do me and yourself a favor and do something about this soon.

Best wishes,

John Brice

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