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I lost my virginity about 2 weeks ago and I'm beginning to get worried. During intercourse with my partner, we used a lotion as a lubricant so I thought that might be what has irritated my vagina. Two days after I last had sex (last Tuesday), I woke up and went to use the restroom and it burned really bad when I urinated and my vagina itched. There was also an odd odor from my discharge (which was yellowish). The burning and unusual discharge lasted for two days, but the itch has not gone away. Yesterday, i took a shower and as I was cleaning myself, I felt a sharp pain on part of my vagina. I didn't really see anything so I ignored it. Today, I checked myself down there and I noticed something almost like a boil but also like a skin tag and it almost looked like it contained blood inside. Also, I noticed many small bumps on the entrance of my vagina.

When I first realized something was wrong down there, I thought it could have been a yeast infection, chlamydia, or maybe Gonnorrhea. Now that I've seen these little bumps, I'm starting to get really worried and I don't know what I even have. Please help me!!

ANSWER: Hi Anna,

First of all lotion was a HUGE no no. Lotion is an exfolient and has oil in it, so therefore you were in actuality scrubbing your vagina on the inside and out from sexual activity and now you're paying the price from inflammation and possible infection. I'm guessing you're beginning the stages of a bacterial UTI and you need to see a doctor to start an antibiotic. If you and your boyfriend decide to have sex again with lubrication use a water based lubricant like KY or Astroglide. Not Vaseline, Baby Oil, Lotion, Crisco, none of that! You might as well be cooking  yourself from the inside out!

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---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thank you for the insight John! But I am still wondering about the small flesh colored bumps in my vagina because they inch and the small red skin tag-like lesion on my right labia minora. The skin tag-like lesion on my right labia minora hurts when I wipe, wash, touch it, and even insert/remove my tampon. Please take a look at the pictures I sent you.

Those are tears sweetheart and they will take awhile to heal. Your boyfriend literally sheared your vaginal flesh during intercourse and created the blisters. The fact that your vagina is an enclosed environment and you also seem to have a bacterial infection on top of it means you need to be seeing a doctor and not me. Hopefully, an antibiotic will help heal things faster and MAKE SURE you ask for Diflucan if he/she doesn't give it to you with an antibiotic because it prevent fungal infections.

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