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ingrown hair or herpes
ingrown hair or herpes  
This may be a bit odd, but I have not been sexually active for about 3 months.   My last partner liked to get around quite a bit. About a week ago I was masturbating , and noticed a bump around the side/ base of my shaft. What I thought was an ingrown hair.  I  removed the hair. Over the course of the week I have developed 6 or 7 new bumps that have open sores. And are extremely sensitive to the touch.  How long does it take for symptoms to show up for an STD such as herpes. I have looked at pictures online, and think it could be a really bad case of ingrown hairs or herpes. Hopefully you can tell me something

Hi Jim,

Nothing can be discerned from your picture as its to blurry. The only way to test for herpes during an active outbreak is to have a culture taken of the sore, so if you want a surefire diagnosis, go to the doctor NOW and get it checked out. However, even the standard STI panel will test for the virus as well, as long as 6 other forms of STI's, so if you believe your partner has exposed you to any or several STI's then I wouldn't wait to see your primary care physician. It sounds like you have to many bumps to be an coincidental case of ingrown hairs, but ingrown hairs form any number of reasons and yes you can pull the hair out of it. Since they are like pimples you can also pop them and they can become infected, but if I were you I would get it checked out to be on the safe side.



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