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hello mr. Brice, I am very thanksful to your help - i did not have any risk sex contact but this looks like a question for you as I hope ... i am very afraid of my todays situation. i went to emergency as I needed doctor to see my leg - i have a cut and it started to suppurate - just to clean it etc. the nurse asked me to sit on the bed, and while I was sitting and waiting I saw few drops of blood on the plastic cover (there was a plastic cover on the bed, and then a thinner one made of fabric in the middle of the bed). i moved a bit and then bent to see my leg. at the moment - i saw a huge stain of blood on the part of the plastic cover which is underneath the bed - like when the blood drops on the ground but leaves stains on its way on the sheets which are fasten from the bottom side of the bed - i hope you understand). the stain was huge - 7 cm in diameter. i then asked the nurse how this was possible - she was very surprised - that the other nurses probably couldnt see it and changed only the gauze cover on the top. my question is - it looks like i did touch the blood with my fingers, with the same fingers I then put off the plaster from my wound to show it to doctor (i accidentaly touched the wound but only for a second), with the same hand i did touch myself on hair, face (i have bad acne)... etc. the blood definitely was at least semi dried - the nurse said so too. if i had some blood on my fingers, then only a small amount. there were no drops on the floor - someone did clean it as well as the fabric cover - so it was old at least ten minutes - there was no injured man inside while I was waiting. do you think I could get infected in this situation? if hiv is out of the reach, and you have this knowledge, could i get infected with hep. C? please help me i have a small child and husband and i do not know how to behave now :(


The only STI risk in this particular situation would have been Hep B and nearly everyone on Earth is immunized against that as a child (in developed countries), so I don't see the risk here. And even if you weren't immunized against it, unless you took the bloody sheet and went "YEEHAW" and rubbed it vigorously against your open wound until the point that they both miraculously introduced material together then that's still statistically the only way. Hep B doesn't "jump" into someone else's wound, it has to be introduced over a long period of time, like in intercourse or eating; those are the two largest forms of transmission. Any further questions?

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Sorry I got my letters confused :( Hep A is transmissible only through dirty food and water. B is through blood and sexual contact and C is much rarer than B. You can be tested for all of these by the way.  

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