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Hi doctor

Since last night I am having itching in my vaginal entrance and I have these out growths shown in picture..they are like small fine out growths, red in colour and often painfull, itchy.please also tell me that hw can we diffrentiate between a non virgin n fingured vagina...m virgin but I do finguring often.

Thank you in advance

Hi Faiza,

So first off, I'm not a physician, but as a health educator I would like to let you know that if you have concerns that I can not address, then you should seek a physician's care ok? With that said, the "growth's" you're referring to could be your natural papilla and are considered to be normal. However, just like with men having jock itch, which is a fungal infection, women can get this to which will cause inflammation, itching (pruritus), and sometimes pain. With that said, if the pain becomes to much to bear then you should be seeking a physician's care and they can most likely put you on an antifungal pill like Diflucan or even an ointment. Also, if you've never had a pap smear before, then I would encourage you to consult with your specialist about having that done as well. Women should have a pap performed every third year to check for cervical cancer risk and even for STI's like HPV.

Now your second question; if your hymen (which is a biological virginity barrier) has not been broken, then you're still are "intact." Masturbation alone does not usually break the hymen, but intercourse, penetration with objects, and even aggressive physical activity can. Also, if you've never had intercourse with another partner, then you can definitely consider yourself a virgin as that is the societal definition of virginity. If you have follow up let me know.

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