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Dear John,

Last night whilst in the shower I noticed a small (3 milimetres x 3 milimetres) 'lump' on the tip of my penis, sitting upon or adjacent to my urethra. I have a hypospadius and the urethra has been completely closed over for most of my life. It is fleshy to the touch, dry, and seems almost 'blister like' in that the skin can be pulled and seems 'saggy'. It doesn't appear to hurt, or if it does is very very minor. I did have unprotected sex with my partner 3 days ago, for the first time in about 4 weeks. She has been my only partner over the last 13 months.

Any assistance would be much appreciated, as it is a long weekend here and I will be unable to visit my GP until late next week. My natural response was to immediately freak out and assume it is an STI of some sort!

I've attached an image with the lump indicated by the black box.

Much appreciated,

(A very worried) Dan.

Dear Dan,

From a clinical standpoint your penis is very "interesting?" Is that the right word? I've never seen a hypospadias before except on Google, so thank you for being my first client. With that said what interests me MORE in your picture is that cavitation in the lower right quadrant of your picture. That cavity to the left of your forefinger is a great place for bacteria, lint, sweat, Hoffa, and anything else to hide and thus become smegma. Which, I'm sure you heard is a problem for most uncircumcised men, but for you it would be a problem as well because of your anatomical defect, so keep that clean! With that out of the way, your penis looks fine. the "sagginess" to which you're referring should be expected as unprotected intercourse, without lubrication, will create inflammation and minor skin changes that will resolve within a few days as the skin shears during intercourse. You're rubbing skin on skin, so your basically sloughing off skin in your partners vagina, anus, etc. during the act of intercourse and it would create the redness that I see in the picture. And since the anatomy of your glans is quite different from mine, it would make sense for your glans to lose some of its tightness as well, but these things should resolve themselves eventually. With most guys, they can use hydrocortisone, applied lightly a couple times a day to speed up the process, but I would recommend a water based lubricant to cut down on the aftereffects in the future.

Also, for future reference 3 days is to fast for anyone to GET an STI, so unless its the bubonic plague-I wouldn't worry :)

Cheers mate,


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