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QUESTION: Hello, I've have these lumps on my penis just under my foreskin for a while now (1-2 years). Initially it started with just one now two are more prominent, I have no idea what it could be. I have split my foreskin during sex twice could it be related? I have had a full STD screen which came up all negative. So I was just wondering if you could give me an idea of what it may be, and whether I should ask a Urologist or see a doctor in person. Thank you for your assistance.


If your tests results came back negative, that means its anatomical in nature and not caused by an agent of some kind. I would guess that they're cysts of some kind and that would be consistent with the "appearance" of a new one. Cysts do that over time; they can also grown, shrink, relocate, disappear, and do anything else. However, I would watch them closely to make sure they don't grow to large as that would be an indication of cancerous tissue and you should be seeing a dermatologist or urologist indeed for that kind of follow-up. So yes, I would make that appointment just for an assessment because if you've had them for this long and have never had them looked at before; what could it hurt?

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QUESTION: Thanks for your help, it definitely hasn't been growing in size more shrinking/relocating like you said. I was wondering though one final thing, could it be herpes related? I have been told it isn't included in the STD screen I took.
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Herpes sores are OPEN wounds that pus and do ooey gooey things! Yuck! Trust me, you'll recognize them if you ever see them and those aren't it. And since you haven't complained of those kind of sores before I doubt you have that issue, but if you want that test you have apparently have to ask for it separately. Here in the US its included in the standard panel, but sometimes doctors don't have access to that panel and can only test for herpes if you have an active outbreak; they will take a swab of the open sore and then assess for herpes. If you've never had that issue then you know you don't have herpes.

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