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urethra discomfort
urethra discomfort  
urethra discomfort
urethra discomfort  
QUESTION: I have had urethra pain discomfort for 11 weeks now 24/7. Symptoms are mild irritation burning/numbness just inside the tip. I've taken std tests for viral, bacteria. All negative. With camera phone I can see red irritated spots and white blended spot inside urethra where I have discomfort. Is that normal? I've shown doctors these pictures and did visual exam and say everything looks normal, but I don't feel normal. What other tests can I do to figure out what I have. I'm very frustrated with discomfort and don't know what else to do.. Have you ever seen a case like this? I've even looked in the internet to get info, but no luck. I've even called different std clinics about symptoms and never heard of symptoms lasting so long.  Thanks for looking into my  questions.

ANSWER: Hi John,

I can narrow this down to TWO things: an allergic reaction or a UTI. The allergic reaction would be a result of your laundry detergent and the fact that your underwear is in constant contact with your penis during the day would explain the constant itching and burning. How would I know this? Because I'm allergic to a specific brand of laundry detergent myself! I have since only washed with unscented or mildly scented detergent and have never had the problem again, but every now and then my mother will "surprise" me with buying me some kind of detergent with some messed up form of scent to it and the next time I do laundry my junk feels like its on fire.

Option 2: UTI's suck. I get them all the damn time because I suffer from a condition called hyperuricemia and it also sets my junk on fire; especially my urethra. I have learned after all these years to consume massive amounts of cranberry juice, over several days, and thus pee out all the infection. I'm not going to lie, you pee a lot, but I love cranberry and once you develop a taste to it, the tartness doesn't bother you any more. Since physicians are of the consensus that your condition seems to be neither bacterial nor viral, its feasible its either being caused by an outside presence (i.e. allergen) or something that wouldn't show up on an STI test like a fungal infection. Hope this helps.

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QUESTION: John,   I forgot to mension that I've been checked for Utis, viral, bacterial, culture, etc. After 2 weeks exposure. All negative.  I've been tried with bacterial and viral meds but none worked. I'm in my 12 th week now, most of the irritation has gone away but minor symptoms are still there (very mild burning all day just inside of urethral tip) it doesn't burn when I urinate. Penis sometimes feels a little numb. I don't have any leasions or warts visible. Does any of my symptoms sound like stds to you? I'm freaking out on what it could be do to feeling my symptoms all day, everyday. Too much anxiety and stress. Have been to 3 doctors, 2 urologists, and one hospital. They can't find a cause yet for my symptoms. In two weeks I will be getting a cystoscopy done by urologist. What can I expect from a cystoscopy being done?  What else can I test for?  Many people I've talked to have told me that it could be all on my head. Could stress and anxiety cause symptoms?  It's kind of weird, don't know what else to think, but my symptoms I'm feeling are real...  Thanks again for looking into my questions.. God Bless...

Then its obviously not an STI because you just said you were tested for bacteria's and viruses. I have no idea what a cystoscopy is; you should probably Google it just to be sure. Stress and anxiety can cause any number of symptoms to manifest; even pain and physical discomfort. Known as psychosomatic pain, the person "makes" themselves feel something that isn't really there, but it feels quite real to them. That would take the kind of treatment that a psychiatrist or mental health professional could provide and quite possibly this could be a form of sexual dysfunction or referred pain related to sex itself possibly? The only way to find out is by talking to someone who knows about these things. Do you research into who provides "sex therapy" in your area and see if you can get your PCP's and insurance's blessing into getting some form of initial consult. This is about all I can provide you at this point; sorry I cant give you more help than this.

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