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I awoke with red spots on my penis head. No itching, no burning, but sore/causes discomfort. No problems urinating, no discharge. The spots are slightly raised, some have dark centers, they don't seem to be 'weeping', nor do they appear to contain any fluid. The rash is also on part of my inner foreskin. I am using clotrimazol for now, but I've never suffered from something like this before. I am in a monogamous heterosexual relationship. I use protection for vaginal intercourse, but not for oral sex. I last had sex Monday night (2 days ago)- used protection then and there was no oral sex. I hope this is penile thrush, and worry it is herpes. Any advice would be much appreciated.


Does the rash appear down the length of your shaft as well? I would have said abrasion burns, but that's to many and if you're using protection properly than risk of STI or fungal infection is reduced by 92%. You're in a monogamous relationship and you use protection consistently, so the risk is only 2% and that's assuming your partner actually HAS something. Have either of you been tested before? I'm not sure how STI testing works where you are, but STI panels test for the 7 most common STI's and if you get back a clean bill of health then you know you have nothing infectious to worry about. I'm actually worried this being an allergic reaction to your condom believe it or not. How long have you had these spots? Do they occur every time you have sex with protection? Get back to me if you can.



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QUESTION: Dear John,
The rash is not on my shaft. The spots showed up Wednesday (yesterday) morning. There is no change today- not worse, not better. I haven't had something like this before. I have not been tested before, and am not sure there are facilities where I am that offer such tests. We have been together for 5 months, and before that I had not had sex for some time. I wondered about a condom reaction too, but I last had sex Monday night, and didn't notice anything on Tuesday- usually a reaction would show up immediately, no? Does it look like herpes to you? If not, what does it look like?
Thanks for your help,

I don't believe it to be herpes, but only a blood antigen test will prove me otherwise. Other than that, I cant really give you any more options than to tell you to consult with a medical professional if this continues to give you problems.

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