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Sexually Transmitted Diseases/Wart, Molluscum, Skin tag, something else?


This is right near the base of the penis on the right side sort of where there would be a fold between the penis and scrotum.

I have noticed irritation in the area for months now but could never see anything...although the irritation may be related to pudendal nerve issues I have or they could be completely independent.  I can't say for sure this little bump was the cause of my discomfort but it is surely in the area I felt the discomfort.  Now it is irritated from me squeezing it.

I decided to shave the area and I could only find this little lump by seeing the side profile.  I cannot find it otherwise.  It protrudes unlike hair follicles.  If I get it in the right light with a flashlight it seems to be very smooth and round (maybe slightly oval and flat on top) like a pin head.  It is probably slightly under a millimeter across...maybe 0.5 raised if that.  It seems to match the skin color perfectly.  I could only get side profile picture to show up decently.

When I squeezed it it did not "pop" but rather secreted clear fluid...which it then seemed deflated...but would quickly rise again and seem to be back to its old shape if I would check on it an hour or two later.  The last time i squeezed it it there was a tiny spec of blood so I figured I better stop.

It has been 7 months since my last sexual exposure.  I had picked off what appeared to be a small skin tag about two months ago about an inch away from that location further down the scrotum.  I didn't think much of it then but now I have been paranoid and on the lookout.  

I would like to find another dermatoligist but of the three places I have called within an hour of me can't see me until September. I have gone to my current one about little lumps like this before on the head of the penis (a little bit of a hypochonriac) and I felt he got smart with me like I shoudln't be here wasting his time.  He mentioned before that taking a biospy of something this small would not be practical to get a specimen a specialist could even look at.  I almost hate to go back to him but I may have no choice as he is always available within two weeks.

What are your thoughts?

Hi Joe,

For future reference neither warts, nor molluscum pop, but I'm sure you know what does! Just like a pimple, sebaceous cysts known as Fordyce's spots can form on the penis, scrotum, and even around your mouth and are considered to be a common skin condition. A lot of people have it and its considered to be genetic, so its likely to be passed down from parent to child. Therefore, you should know its not a disease, but I also want to know that unlike pimples these should not be popped because of the risk of infection (and you just created it by making yourself bleed) and scarring. Fordyce's (if severe enough) can be treated at the dermatologist, so I'm happy you're considering making an appointment with a skin specialist to discuss this condition. They're are best left alone and can clear up by themselves, but they can also reoccur. If you have follow-up please consult with a physician.

Best wishes,


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