Sexually Transmitted Diseases/help is this herpes bumps??


shaft "bumps
shaft "bumps  

Okay June 4th I had received  sex unprotected oral  " vaginal protected sex"   

No discharge
Just itchyness

The oral sex was rough she had no sores on her lips  no bumps or anything "
A couple of days  later I started to itch down there then days afther that  spoted a red bump on the tip of my penis then on my shaft "  went to the doctor on the 27 " took a lot of std tests " hsv 1 and 2 came back 0.2 ,<0.9  for both " other std tests negative as we'll " now days afther the 27th of June I've developed white small bumps lower left side of the penis and right side more by a little bit " but they were there befor  my question is this herpes or not"

Please help me

I can't diagnose by pictures or over the internet. You should go back to the doctor if you did not get satisfaction in your diagnosis.  It's possible it would not be related to sex but just an infection. But like I said, you should get tested again. Let me know what happens.

Diane W.

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