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Little bumps
Little bumps  
QUESTION: Hello John,

I had unprotected sex a little over a year ago, where I had gotten chlamydia, which has been treated and taken care of. However, I have had this red rash that originates around the opening of the penis tip and goes down on the head as well, in a finger-like manner. It is hard to see the redness during the day, but in a hot shower, the redness is extremely visible. Do genital warts turn red in the shower? There are no visibly raised warts, but the area is red. I have read that genital warts can be flat warts. I have tried the so-called vinegar test by applying white vinegar, but the area did not turn white.

I have been tested for everything else and all STD test have come back negative. I have tried antifungal creams such as Lotrimin and have not had much luck, but it might be inhibited by the fact that I am constantly active in a humid environment wearing compression underwear for exercise, where I usually try to use gold bond to keep the area dry. Often times, after exercise the areas become redder, seeming that they are irritated. I was also prescribed Nystatin powder for Candida to apply twice daily for 2 weeks, however I have not noticed any results either. I do not have any pain or discharge, and it doesn't seem to itch. If something was burning, I am not sure how sensational the burning is, so every time I feel like it's burning, I think it's mental because I worry about everything.

I got worried, because after my significant other performed oral sex on me the first time with no protection, she got a sore throat 5 days later.

I have attached pictures for viewing.

Some of the pictures are where I am using the Nystatin powder, so there is some white in the cracks of the head of the penis.

When I stretch out the head,you can see the little bumps clearly.


I see nothing wrong in this photo and if you did have HPV then the vinegar test should have turned the area white as originally intended. The bumps are most likely Fordyce's, which are natural, and can occur on the glans, corona, shaft, and scrotum. A "sore throat" is coincidental if its 5 days later and you cant link one to the other. Burning, discharge, and pain would be indicators of fungal or bacterial infections, but you stated that you haven't had those symptoms. So I would hate to tell you that this seems to be a "you" thing. If you're STI panel came back negative for everything then you're negative. Any follow-up let me know.



---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: It's hard to take a picture with or without the flash to see the redness that's visible to the natural eye. Couple more questions to ease my mind if that is ok. For some reason, I seem to just be able to feel like something is there. It's not a strong feeling, but more like a mild burn. Also, would genital warts cause redness of the glans penis for this extended period of time?

Another thing I might add. Back in December, I would have groin pain that would run down the inner thighs of my leg after intense exercise (playing sports). This pain has gotten progressively better as months went by, where now it's barely noticeable.

Also, would fungal or bacterial infections only cause pain in the urethra? Or could they cause the burning sensation on the glans penis itself?



HPV hasn't been known to cause pain in clients. The skin tags are harmless except for bleeding risk when removed, which is why they have to be removed early. Your groin pain actually sounds like jock itch, but only a doctor could tell you that. As for urethral pain, both bacterial and viral infections can cause pain.


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Would jock itch cause internal muscle pain? Or only groin pain on the surface? Because jock itch would make sense. Can jock itch be influenced by unprotected sex? Because I only noticed the redness after that incident.

I've never known a fungal infection to affect the internal anatomy, but intense itching, inflammation, and discomfort are keys to jock itch. Yes, jock itch can be exacerbated by unprotected intercourse because its similar to an intense workout and involves close contact with another person's anatomy and "flora" that can affect your hygiene.


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