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Before I sound the alarm and head to the doctor I'd like someone else's opinion. Over the last month I have noticed the development of a soft bump/spot on my scrotum, on the side facing my left thigh. As you can see, from the pictures it is whitish/greyish but doesn't necessarily look "warty" and doesn't even feel raised to the touch some of the time. I've tried neosporin and campho-phenique on it, but it doesn't seem to change.

I've checked everywhere else and this seems to be the only bump I have. Does it look like a wart to you? Or just a normal bump? To the touch it "feels" okay but the discoloration worries me.

Thanks so much in advance.

ANSWER: Hi Chris,

Discoloration could mean a mole or yes it could be a wart, but you could actually test at home for that using vinegar. If you dab a little vinegar on it and it turns white then its positive for viral or pre-cancerous tissue, however if it remains its nice healthy pink color then its not what you think it is. Instead, you're better off having a dermatologist take a look at it. I can tell you're a pretty hair guy and you like have a lot of Fordyce's mixed in with your hair follicles, so it could be that as well. Fordyce's are extremely common and are not a disease, but rather a genetic skin condition. If you have medical follow-up be sure to make an appointment.



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Thanks so much for your quick reply!

Can Fordyce spots be different sizes? I hadn't noticed the bump before this past month, but have stared at it enough to wonder if does actually fit in the pattern of Fordyce spots that I have all over my balls.

I tried the vinegar test earlier today having read some other q and a's, and it didn't change in appearance at all.

I am a pretty hairy guy. I wondered if it was an ingrown hair when I first noticed it, but nothing seems to be growing out of it.

Would a wart like this have a raised edge? Over the years I've had a wart or two on my feet and those have always been raised, hard, and very obvious.

Would a wart grow in size fairly rapidly? This has been about the same for the last month, more or less. Doesn't seem to be changing in appearance or getting any kind of "cauliflower" shape.

Thanks again.

Yes Fordyce's can be different sizes, but are all cysts. If you did the vinegar test and it didn't turn colors then it isn't HPV period. The fact that hair isn't growing out of it means that its either scar tissue or a cyst as I previously surmised, so the follicle is "plugged." Plantar warts (those that appear on your feet) are non-viral and aren't in the same class of warts like HPV, which are sexually transmitted. Like I said, if it worries you, you can have it checked out :)


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