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I have no history of STDs. However, I do have very sensitive skin and I'm prone to fungal infections (and even gotten a few bacterial infections). I'm originally from the West Coast, where the climate has no humidity. And now that I reside in more humid climates, I've gotten a few bad fungal infections (athlete's foot, jock itch, and arm pits). My body isn't used to all the humidity.

About a week ago, I went for a three mile run, and worked up a big time sweat. Returned home and didn't shower immediately, but instead did outside chores for 3 or 4 hours in the middle of summer (washed the car, pulled weeds, and etc). Two days after my run, two small pimples popped up on my penis. One very small, just to the right of the urethra. The second was behind the mushroom head on the right of the penis, but located in all the folds of loose skin. They have been going away, but I'm the type of person who is deeply concerned about things of this matter. Three days after my run, a fungal infection popped up on my feet, groin, and armpits. But I've been treating that with topical cream, and it's almost all gone. Plus, two weeks ago I had a UTI, which I get sometimes after masterbation. Also, the skin on the head of my penis looks very dry. Pimples are going away. Fungal infection is all but gone, and no UTI after taking my antibiotics.

I've been in a exclusive relationship for the past 4 years, and we are talking about getting married. I don't fool around on her, and neither does she on me. She's in the medical field and has shared some bad stories of what she's encountered.

I went to my family doctor. He wanted to do blood work to be sure, but couldn't say whether they are pimples or lesions. I'm worried and awaiting my blood results. Is this herpes or not?


If it was herpes, it would look far worse than that. If you want to get tested for herpes you just have to ask for it! You can do an STI panel with your physician and it looks for the 7 most common STI's and herpes is one of those. If you get a clean bill of health then you know you're in good shape. As for your ability to get fungal infections, it may have to do with your hygiene or even your immunity, which is something you might also have to discuss with your physician because the number of active infections you've told me about seems excessive. However, pimples due to the heat and body temperature happen all the time and there's not much we can do about them other than stay OUT of all those situations so there's your answer!



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