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QUESTION: I'm sexually active and have a super high sex drive and proceed even when in need of lube still work it as well as masterbate more than I'd like to admit....  The skin under the head of my penis is bright red n swollen and sore.....  Is this just an irritation or should I seek medical treatment??? Chlamydia???? Have no idea n looked up n seems to b closest

ANSWER: Hi John,

It looks like you could have a traumatic injury to it and that's completely possible. The swelling is not normal by any case unless its caused by A) an allergic reaction, B) infection, or C) trauma. If you've been "using him" that much then that's pretty severe! I would get it checked out by your primary care provider or a urologist to make sure you don't cause a fracture or risk infection, but why in the world would you not take precautions to make sex "more safe or more comfortable?" That makes no sense to me. Perhaps you could explain that.



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QUESTION: I don't just jam it in n only sexually active w 2  and I beat that sucker like it owes me money.... That said it could b a reaction to some cheaper lube/massage oil that is new and more a jelly than actual like what I usually use astroglode...... I probly have sexual issues like I could have sex 4-5 times n still have the urge to crank one out when I get home.... I'm 35 n the desire has never dropped a bit even though I'm getting older...... I described this to my physician a few weeks back n he told me ointment n leave it alone...... Which I haven't....... Literally everyday....... Even when sore if I'm asked I say yes n work it in even if it hurts...... I've had kegel  ball ropes give it rope burn while in the act n I keep going to make sure argent is pleased....... So I'm guessing that it's not an std n I over use him, is that correct???

ANSWER: OMG dude!! Haha. I've never had a client be so outgoing with me before, but yes you are overusing him and that is a form of sexual dysfunctional disorder believe it or not. I actually feel sorry for your penis. If it looks like that flaccid, I can only imagine what it looks like erect because you're stating that you "abuse" it? Is that what you're telling me? I'm actually curious about your partners; men, women, or both? Do they make you have sex or is this all you? Because if I was one of your partners I would be concerned about you causing a serious injury. You're aware of penile fracture right? You can snap your penis in half like a 2x4 and then you wont have to worry about having a sex drive because you'll be out of commission for a longgggggggg time. I'm worried that this may be a psychiatric problem and you should think about asking for a mental health referral.


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QUESTION: Since u seem curious n I'm pretty open here ya go...... I've only had sexual relations w 5 all women n never even a finger or tongue near my ass! And 3 don't really even count due to only couple times..... Lost virginity at almost 18, The first was my first love n she cheated a bunch of times n got pregnant n said it could ruin her life so she had an abortion... The cheating I found out later n that it possibly wasn't mine..... I was deviated and blamed myself for being horrible in the sack.... It as terrible...... Since I got older it became all I could think about..... So I read n practiced n learned how to b a great lover to never lose anyone from not being able to satisfy them..... It is like an addiction..... I probly  average cumming 2 times a day and if I see my gf we can go at it almost nonstop for hours...... In 2 days we had sex n she came 43 times and myself 30..... Literally I'll go til it shoots dust n keep going..... I get such a thrill out of plzing I don't care about myself as much and want so badly for someone to desire n want me so badly...... And if they ask they shal receive..... I love it all and seem to not be able to get enough.... N sometimes even after having a bunch of sex on occasions I'll even crank one out when I get home.... With all this said I've never had a one night stand nor will I ever!!! N I've only had relations w a woman I have had great feelings for n built a bond w and a connection......  I've always just thought I had a high sex drive.... Maybe little over the top??

I'm only responding cuz seemed u were asking questions n I really aim to plz.......

Thank you for your honesty, but I would worry that your hypersexuality will create a situation for you that becomes tenuous. Namely, having that much sex could inevitably damage your dorsal nerve inside your penis and make it harder for you to get and maintain erection or feel pleasure/pain for that matter. Again, these are both medical and psychological issues that are up to you to decide whether or not you want help with, but I appreciate your openness with me. If you ever want to talk with me I'm here :)



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