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I am a little concerned about some white dots/bumps that I can see on my foreskin. They are painless, very small 1mm, round-shaped and white, although some of them (the ones located on the basis of my penis) are pink in colour with a white head. The spots are there for about 2-3 weeks and they seem to spread, although they don't seem to grow or change colour. I have a lot of hair in the area so I shave with an electric shaver once a week for the last year. From time to time I feel an itch (once every day) although I cannot tell if it is related with the bumps because I do feel itching all over my body due to the fact that I sweat a lot and I live in a very warm country.

I have a steady relationship with my girlfriend for 8 months and we don't use protection. My girlfriend had her annual gynaecologist check 5 months ago and everything was perfect (HPV, herpes, warts etc.) with no signs of anything suspicious. I haven't been with another girl for the last 9 months and I am pretty sure that the previous 2 girls that I have been with, would have informed me if they noticed something suspicious all this time.

Could you help me? Thank you in advance.

Have you been to the doctor yet for an exam and testing? You said your girlfriend had but you didn't mention yourself. Please do that as soon as possible. I can't diagnose over the internet or by pictures so you must go to your private doctor. I can't say if this is a sexually transmitted disease but it is possible for a past relationship to have been transmitted and it show up at a later date. So let me know what you find out. Refrain from sex at this time until you find out what is going on, in my opinion.

Diane W.

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