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herpes? folliculitis? help me, thankyou.
herpes? folliculitis?  
QUESTION: Hello John, I'll get right to the point.
I've been sleeping with the same girl for 4-5 months, maybe shorter, and have never had any problems, then i learnt she had type 1 herpes, she got from a person with a coldsore on their mouth who went down on her. i found this out 2-3 weeks ago, but she apparently got it november last year, and i got told this by her best friend.
so i've only known for 2-3 weeks, and Me being a stupid 18 year old, i kept going, no protection, only used protection 2-3 times.. and about a week ago, i had pimple like bumps, that had puss in them, but they were in the side of the groin where my pubic hair ends, on both sides and the top near my snail trail, and they did not look like herpes, they looked like folliculitis, im 90% sure that it was folliculitis, and that cleared up by this week, and we had sex friday and then saturday, and now I have irritation, red rash, but they look like small bumps, and there is a slight rash on my shaft, which has not developed into bumps yet. i have a slight burn down there, but it's not very major, and it is not bothering me at all.
and to add, she does grind a lot on top, which my guess causeed irritation and the red in the pubic area.

thank you John

ANSWER: Greetings,

Its not herpes, but what I'm curious about is if you shave down there? Get back to me on that :P



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QUESTION: Oh good! Thank god, thankyou John :)
Yes I do shave, but I got this before I shaved, like the day after sex with the women I'm seeing who has type 1 on her genitals.
And is there any tips/medication you can tell me about to help reduce the chance of catching it off her? Condoms obviously but anything else?
Thanks doctor :)


HSV becomes HSV 2 on the genitals, so I have to correct your nomenclature :P Other than barrier methods there is no known prevention method for HSV 1 or 2 at this time. No vaccine, no medicine, no "magic formula" I'm afraid. If you want to know if you have it, then get the antigen test performed by your PCP.

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