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Hi John,

I live in a room with an individual that is infected with HIV which I just found out. I had a medium size paper cut on my thumb around 4 hours before I potentially got infected by the HIV virus. I potentially got infected when I cleaned our shared toilet seat with plain cold water and soap and `my paper cut thumb` without gloves directly touched the top of the paper that I was wiping the toilet seat. I saw dried urine on the seat and dried blood and also some dried phlegm in the sink. On top of that, the individual also doesn`t wash his hands after going to the washroom and touches the doorknob afterwards.

Therefore, what are my chances of getting infected by HIV? Is it very high or is it low?

Your question was directed to John so I'm not sure how I received your question. Did you find out anything yet? I would say that the chance of transmission was small but I can't guaranteed that. Are you going to get tested? Please go to your doctor as soon as possible. Let me know what happens.

Diane W.

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