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Hi there, I am 22 years old and a few days ago I saw a tiny little bump appear on the edge of my scrotum.

Now I have had little bumps on my penis before in the past because I seem to be prone to getting cysts and ingrown hairs. (Some of which I have been to a dermatologist in the past to take care of).

Now since then the small little bumps I would get seemed like little cysts or hair follicles. I'd squeeze them, your typical white thick blackhead like pus would come out. They would die down.

I'll also note that these small little bumps I have squeezed in the past were confirmed by a dermatologist to not be an STD/I. These bumps would give me no discomfort or pain. I'd merely squeeze them for aesthetic purposes(As I at one point had a cyst on my penis, and had no intention of seeing one build up again.)

This recent bump however when it initially formed, I thought it looked a little bit like a skin tag. It didn't hurt either. Yet it had an almost wet looking red crown. With routine, I popped it and cut it open a bit with a needle thinking it was an ingrown hair or something(which I am also prone to getting).

A little bit of blood leaked out, and then it was sore for a couple days(Barely noticable, it was right between my scrotum and thigh, and the only time I would notice it is when I was walking, or it brushed against my underwear). And now the pain/soreness has completely vanished as the bump has proceeded to die down.

I thought it was odd, but thought nothing of it. However now a similar bump has appeared on the bottom of the shaft of my penis. This time with no red crown. I gently popped it, again there is a minimal level of soreness(only with pressure). A small bit of blood leaked out after popping it.

Hi Z,

It appears to be an infected hair follicle, nothing more. If you have been to a doctor to get tested for STI's then you would rest a whole lot easier instead of going to the dermatologist about this, but its good that you are getting a doctor's opinion on the matter. You can get screened at any local health department or by your primary care provider and STI panels usually cover the 8 most common STI's, so consider doing a workup to settle your mind.



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