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A year ago I had unprotected sex with girl that says she is clean.  My scrotum is bright red and sometimes tingles and sometimes burns.  These symptoms happened a month later and then went away in the winter months.  Also I went to urgent care twice and was negative for chlamidia and gonnorra.  They said it was bad jock itch and folloculitis.  Starting in April the symptoms came back and I have had them for 5 months.  It moves from one spot to the other.  Between my scrotum and thighs at the folds are red lines that itch and burn.  Occasionally I will get a spot or two showing up on my shaft but it goes away in a matter of hours after antifungal cream.  The other night I had sex and the girl was kind of dry and the tip of my penis became red and hurt after peeing.  Also pee would drip a while after.  About two or three minutes.  Also I think I saw a purple spot on the tip of the opening.  The next day the spot was red and then a day later it was gone.  Now 10 days later I get a pin pricking feeling every once and a while in my scrotum and in the tip of my urethra.  Also my inner thighs burn and between my legs towards my anus.  Antifungal cream helps if caked on but when I don't have it on it hurts.  Sometimes my toes and legs burn.  After peeing it might hurt every 5 pees or so.  I'm worried I have herpes hpv or HIV (because of the occasional burning legs and toes). Also I have never had lesions or discharge.  Just occasional pee drips after peeing.  Please help me!

Have you been to a doctor recently? I would advise you not to have sex, because what if you do have some kind of disease that could be transmitted. Please get an exam as soon as possible. Let me know what happens. I cannot diagnose over the internet.

Diane W.

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