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I have been noticing some wierd things going on down there for the past 2-3 weeks and have been scouring the net to try and figure out what's going on but it's just making me feel like I have everything now, espacially genital warts.

I have been in a monogamous relationship for the past 6 years and we don't use protection. I was diagnosed with stage 2 dysplasia about 2.5 years ago but never had any visible warts that I have noticed. I've never seen anything on my bf either but now since I'm all paranoid, I wonder if every little bump could be a wart.

About 3 weeks ago I noticed a few small bumps on my labia majora. They don't itch and are skin colored. They haven't grown or multiplied since then. I started examining every inch of my vagina when I found them and noticed a small round and hard white lump right at the bottom of my vaginal opening. It doesn't hurt or anything. I have no foul or smelly discharge, no burning when urinating either. I have some light tingling sensations in the vaginal and anal areas but not like an itch and it's not constant. I don't know if it's just because I now have a fixation on that part of my body because I didn't really notice it before seeing the bumps.

Other symptoms are occasional hot flashes and frequent night sweats... like dripping enough to feel sweat trickle down my neck and wetting the sheets. I also have some digestive issues such as cramping and passing loose stools which relieves the cramps immediatley after. The stools look like tiny teared up stuff and I can see white mucus in them. When I don't have the cramps, stools are usually very small and firm and harder to get out.

Yesterday I started feeling these small air bubbles trapped in my urethra. I can get them out if I squeeze my thighs and twist my hips but they come right back. Still have them today. Lastly, I noticed a mucusy clump thingy at the bottom of the toilet when I went this morning. It looked mostly white tinted with old blood and was about the size of a small grape. I had intercourse yesterday but that doesn't normally happen. Also a few weeks ago, i bled during intercourse a week before my period. Not bright red, more pinkish. I remember bleeding almost every time I had sex the year before I met my current partner but when i got it checked, they couldn't find anything at that point. It eventually stopped on it's own.

I'm joining 2 pictures here hoping that can help in determining what is wrong with me. I have a colposcopy to follow up on the dysplasia in October but wondering if this is serious enough to get checked before.


I am only focusing on the images you gave me as the rest of your symptoms are irrelevant to STI's symptomology. First of all, the lump itself is the only thing of concern and unless you tested positive for the HPV virus then it isn't anything to be concerned about as long as the dysplasia (or abnormal tissue growth) is kept in check and doesn't turn into a malignancy. As long as you maintain your pap smear regimen of once every three years UNLESS you notice color change, significant growth, or additional lumps, then you wont need to revisit your specialist. However, if you have never been comprehensively tested for STI's and you have been practicing risky intercourse outside of a monogamous relationship, then I would suggest doing a follow up and asking for an STI panel. Otherwise, I think this is all paranoia! If you have follow-up let me know.



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