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Sexually Transmitted Diseases/whiteheads, is it HPV or infected area?


white heads
white heads  
QUESTION: Hi, my name is jun, 31 yo. i want to ask you about 3 whiteheads that shown from the picture. i just noticed two months ago and i didn't know exactly when, maybe over 7 months. is it warts (HPV) or other infectious disease? i think it still the same size (maybe 1mm) like the first time i noticed and sometime it make like itchy situation. i had unprotected sex at april 2013, and until now i haven't do any unprotected sex. Could you help me tell me what problem that i encounter?

thank you, sorry for my bad english.


I tell my clients NOT to pop anything resembling a pimple on their groin area as this can cause scarring and infection. That's merely a sebaceous cyst and not a cause for alarm, nearly every man I've had a request from on this website about a "bump" has had one just like yours (including myself) and I just leave it alone. There's a condition known as Fordyce's, which is neither a disease nor is it harmful, that a lot of guys and girls have. You can develop superficial bumps around your groin, shaft, and even on the glans itself and even on your mouth. This has a genetic component, which means you inherited it from your parents. The bumps can go away on their own, but they can also come back time and time again. It's something we grow out of and at the age of 32 I don't have them near as bad when I was 22. Hope this alleviates your stress :P



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QUESTION: yup, it really stress me out, coz i check it almost every time every day, and i can't get rid it from my brain :p i try to pop it but it hard and hurt myself :) can i ask some more question. if it is getting large, is it still alright, or can i simply removes it using cream? and can it gone by itself? before i think i like to cauter(burn) it to the doctor, but iam afraid it will make it become worse, so i don't do it :D is it still alrite to cauter it?

thank you very much

I don't know what you mean by "cauter" it. The doctor doesn't burn it off, they actually use a needle to drain out the fluid. You shouldn't touch it at all, which was my whole point! And using any form of cream hasn't been shown to reduce Fordyce's or heal them any faster, but yes they can go away on their own eventually AND they can come back.

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