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penis head
penis head  
QUESTION: hiii im looking for some help afyer condom broke i got penis burning.After 6 days i went to a doctor and she gave me some pills and antibiotics i gpt candida after using antibiotics .The penis burning stoped after 6 day from condom broke. the girl.with who i had sex she was tested 2 july and we meet 10 july she was negative for everrhing only she is never been tested for herpes but she told me.she never had anythong what do you think is this on my penis ?

ANSWER: Frank,

I don't see anything wrong in this picture??? What bumps are you referring to? Can you circle them in the image? Also, yeast infections are pretty common and expected after antibiotic use. As for the burning itself, I can explain why it burned. You have a surface abrasion because of lack of lubrication involved in sexual intercourse, plus the women may lack sufficient internal lubrication herself. Whatever abrasion you had likely healed, which is why I cant see it in the picture. Let me know if you have follow-up.



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the redis part
the redis part  
QUESTION: im sorry i hope this picture is a litte betther it's like two dark spots they came after puting cortizone cream on the head ..... and one like red it's there lile for 5 weeks the same its npt itchy lools like the same everthong only redish ? my doctpr told me don't put cortizone cream anymore and it will be betther... not sure if thats anxiethy or what but i was going crazy and didn't sleep eat nothing !!!

thx for helping me


Those are pearly penile papules and are pretty normal among guys. They are not a disease and can occur at any point in time just like Fordyce's spots. They cannot be removed except by an in-house dermatologist, so if you want them examined then make the necessary arrangements, but they look very normal and healthy to me and I myself have had them for 15 years all around my corona. If you have follow-up let me know.



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