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Okay so i apologize if i am a burden but this is driving me crazy! Okay so i wrote you yesterday but today there are more bumps way more like 7 or 8.  They are all in the same area there very close and are in my pubic area. Now the doctor did not test me because im on antibiotics  but she said dont worry this looks like folliculitis. But that was one open sore. Now i have been scratching that sore now theres a lot of tiny red bumps all around it. Another thing i left out my partner and i have been having unprotected sex for a month now she got tested for everything even blood work and she came up negative for EVERYTHING.How is this possible? I went to the E. R.  And they told me this is qhonorrea or chlamydia.(this was before i noticed a bump) and they treated me as such.  But if she got tested and came up negative for everything. How am i having discharge (clear) coming from my penis and terrible pain during urination. And  these bumps all at once? The pain in my urine and discharge are going away. But these bumps are popping up!  Could this still be folliculitis? These red bumps aren't coming to a white head like i have been reading about with folliculitis. And they dont drain puss they leak a whote clear fluid. But i have read online that if a doctor saw this they would know the difference.And the doctor said with confidence folliculitis but it was scabbed over when she saw it. So can you help me make any sense of this?


They look like scabbed over hair follicles to me-nothing more. Herpes doesn't look like that at all. I think you're overreacting and I'm happy that your medicine is clearing things up, but I certainly hope you're NOT having sex while on this medication are you? Even if your partner is testing negative for things, that doesn't mean you're cured and it doesn't make her immune. Discharge from the penis period is abnormal and bacterial infections (especially STI's) are a culprit associated with that, so practice abstinence or protection until you're cleared up and leave your bumps alone :P



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