Sexually Transmitted Diseases/herpes?STD?



i really need help
im 25 years old from philippines and ive been with my partner for 2 years
never had any sexual/oral intercourse with someone else
my partner and i used protective sex
but just recently,probably a week ago
we had unprotected sex..

anyway ive been freaking out
because those bumby pimple like has been showing in my genital area
and im wondering what they are.. those thing inside the circle
just showed up 2 days ago, the other one has been there for months
i think they are molluscum contagiosum? they go away after awhile
then another one shows up.. so i was not really worried about them
i was just worried about these 2 (inside the circle) i dont know what they are

please i really need your help identify what they are

are they herpes? STD?

I cannot diagnose over the internet or by pictures. You must go to your doctor and have an exam. Are you certain that your partner has not been unfaithful to you or had sex before your relationship? There is really no protective sex. No method of birth control including condoms can prevent a sexually transmitted disease. Let me know what happens and refrain from sex.

Diane W.

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