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Over the summer I recieved oral sex from several people. Never penetration, and I never gave them oral in return. However, sometimes I would just massage their penis with my hands...

One day I received head from a man, and then I proceeded to give him a handjob. While down there, I did notice something that looked like a skin tag, but I had no clue about hpv, so I didn't know that I should've stopped because that's a symptom - the skin tag that he had down there. He was a heavier fellow, and that wasn't the only skin tag that he had - as he also had some on his neck and stuff. We did not have sex, nor did his penis touch my vagina.

So. Last week, I noticed my vagina was itching very bad. I blew it off. I figured it would pass. And then, I started having discharge that lasted for about 2 days, but then went away. Nothing abnormal looking, just the normal discharge. Then, a few days after that, I noticed bumps on my labia, right underneath my vaginal opening.. And I'm scared to death! I'm really praying that I don't have general warts because that would just break my heart.. As I never even had vaginal sex yet! I have only had oral, and I'm scared to death. Please help!

What do you think this could be? I'm going to get this checked out tomorrow, but I really just wanna know what you think it is.

ANSWER: Michelle,

There's warts on your body, which have nothing to do with the virus that causes HPV and then there's genital warts which is a sexually transmitted infection. They are two completely different things. With that said, HPV is contracted via skin to skin contact, so its possible to transmit HPV orally, although rarely this happens. If you want to do your own home test you can rub white vinegar on your own bumps and if they turn white like paper then they tested positive for the virus or they could be pre-cancerous tissue, but if they stay that pinkish tissue color then you have your very own skin tags! And you should get used to it because your own body goes through its own changes and you don't even have to have sex to get them! If you need follow up let me know.

Best wishes,


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thanks for replying! :)

I did the vinegar test and it burned so bad! I left it on for about 10 minutes. I had the vinegar soaked towel on my labia for about 10 minutes. I read that it should stay that long. so I did that, and the entire inner section of my labia turned a grayish color. Kind of like pale or something.. But wasn't "white like paper." So I'm guessing that is HPV :( or maybe I just left it on too long, and the vinegar just burned me. I don't know.

I also magnified it, and they do kind of look like fingers or something.. Which I know is what warts look like on females.

This is just stressing me out so bad. I have an appointment today at the clinic - finally! So I will let you know what I find out. =/

Wish me luck!

And thank you so much!

ANSWER: Oh Michelle,

If there ever was such a thing as God, he/she truly does deliver us precious treasures like you from time to time :-) Notice how in my advice to you I said "rub" white vinegar, which you could also construe as "dab" or even "apply" lightly and people normally do this with cotton swabs or Qtips or tissue paper or whatever. NEVER EVER EVER did I suggest in my reply to SOAK a damn towel with vinegar (which is a base and will burn the ever loving shit out of your vagina) and then keep it on your body for 10 minutes! No wonder it burned! Its the equivalent of battery acid only on the opposite end of the scale and yes it would turn your poor delicate skin gray like an oyster. I'm not trying to be mean, but I've never had a client subject themselves to this kind of torture before, so I'm a little dismayed that you almost could have put yourself in the hospital for it. Oh there is some good news! You didn't test positive for HPV tissue! And please never ever do that again!

My goodness!

Your very concerned and worried friend,


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Lmao ooops. The websites I found said to leave it on there! So that's what I did. Never again though. I learned my lesson lol. Anyway. The shape of the bumps have changed and now they look like fingers. Like warts do. But they are only there. None on my thigh or outer vagina. They are staying in the hidden section of my vsgina. But I thought warts spread

The websites you looked at probably said to "apply" the solution lightly and let it stay long enough to color change then rise it off not sit there as long as you did and give yourself second degree burns! And yes warts can spread, but you're referring to vaginal papilla, which do kind of look like tiny finger like projections and are completely normal and are supposed to be there. If you need further consult, please ask your OBGYN specialist.

Best wishes,


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