Sexually Transmitted Diseases/need help asap thank you


QUESTION: "hello

i really need help
im 25 years old from philippines and ive been with my partner for 2 years
never had any sexual/oral intercourse with someone else
my partner and i used protective sex
but just recently,probably a week ago
we had unprotected sex..

anyway ive been freaking out
because those bumby pimple like has been showing in my genital area
and im wondering what they are.. those thing inside the circle
just showed up 2 days ago, the other one has been there for months
i think they are molluscum contagiosum? they go away after awhile
then another one shows up.. so i was not really worried about them
i was just worried about these 2 (inside the circle) i dont know what they are

please i really need your help identify what they are

are they herpes? STD?"

ANSWER: Aldrin,

I'm really concerned about the larger "warts" that you do have. Have you had them assessed? The blisters that you have on your penis should probably be swabbed for herpes as well, but I really think you should see your primary care provider for an STI series in case you've never been tested before because I would be interested in your test results. Make an appointment and get back to me once you find out what your results are.

Best wishes,


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Hello john,

thank you for writing back.

i've never been tested for anything before. ill get back to you as soon as i get my self tested. by the way, should i be really worried now? :( because im freaking out now.

and by the way what are the things i should prevent on doing so that i wont pass it on to my partner..?

by the way heres some update pictures of them..

do you mind if you explain what do u think i have base on their number please?

thank you very much, looking forward for your answers

ANSWER: Aldrin,

They look a lot like warts to me, but what kind I do not know. What I can say is that either you have a wicked skin condition brought on by horribly clogged pores OR those are genital warts.

Best wishes,


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: hmm i see, i asked some people i know since i haven't schedule a STI test yet.. and they said it might be a boil.. since i recently had a boil in my butt before this happens. and just to update you sir john

those thing i had in the shaft of my penis

#3 on picture number 1
#2 on picture number 2

now its white little bumps and there's some hair growing in it..

im guessing its not genital herpes or anything like that?
It might be fordyce?

and the big bumb pimple like i had (might be a wart)

is all read now and it there's like yellowish o whitish dot in it.
and i think it kinda pop this morning when i woke up. but its still there though

by the way john, i am really sorry if im asking too much question. i haven't really talk to any professinal about it yet. so its just you who i can count on to talk about this.. and i really appreciate

and forgive me for my grammar and english..


Those are way to big to be Fordyce's and sure it could be a boil, but I would never ever advice you to pop it because it would cause you all sorts of problems. It couldn't be herpes because it would have healed by now, so that leads me to HPV or some form of folliculitis, which is why you should be seeing a skin specialist. I also notice you have some scar tissue forming so all the more reason to be seeing a doctor.



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