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Ehh? :(
Ehh? :(  
QUESTION: Okay so I did oral with this girl who had no signs of herpes, otherwise I would have not done it, but later found out she does, and I've had unprotected sex with her for a few months now and I have not gotten any puss like bumps on my penis or anywhere, yes I know signs can not show for years.
but I recently (2ish weeks ago) did oral on her she had no signs of any lumps, and then now I have this weird rash on my face under my lips, kinda and it has not gone into puss like pimples or been itchy or anything, it has just been a little dry skinned but barely noticeable. It is not painful.
The closest red mark you can see to my lip, started off as a blind pimple, it was white but did not raise out o the skin, I popped that and I now have this rash. And I did pop one of these red dot? Marks? And a pimple pod came out.
And lately I have been getting a fair bit of shaving rash on my face due to a bad razor, so I'm just wondering if that could be it?
Thankyou for your time and hopefully you have good news for me and I can stop feeling dirty and disgusting, haha thanks :)


You naughty boy. Just a side note here, but depending on what strain of herpes she has it IS transmissible from her to you if she A) goes down on you OR she kisses you (and that's HSV 1 or oral herpes). If its genital herpes or HSV 2 then she's transmitted it to you and its manifested itself in an oral form, but you would have to get tested for it. I would check with your primary care provider to get a swab NOW while its visible and get your immunity checked for both forms just to be safe. However, a bad razor would be a safer and happier explanation wouldn't it? Maybe if you stopped using said razor for a week and see what happens then you could see if the rash disappears? Either way see your doctor anyway.

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QUESTION: Yeah, it's not good, well I haven't had any lesions yet, and it's been like 3 weeks and it's still here, slowly going away, but yes, she got herpes via a coldsore on her genitals, so that means I would have type 1? Or two..? Haha, I feel disgusting and wish they could make a breakthrough with the research on a cure :(
Hell yeah it would e haha. I will book an appointment soon.
But in all honesty, does it look kinda like it? Haha /:
Thanks john


It doesn't have the contours of a normal herpes lesion, which is an open wound, with a crusty appearance and it weeps pus. Since I didn't see that on your mouth, I'm going with the safe assumption that you're having an allergic reaction to whatever shaving instrument you're using. However, that doesn't mean you're not at risk for HSV and I would like you to get a titer just in case.

Cheers mate,


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QUESTION: Yes, it's very strange, it has been pretty dry, but more flakey? Then crusty, but white dead skin, well it's the same stuff I've been using for years.
I recently went on a 2-3 hiking trip aswell as a 2 day skiing trip, that's when I first noticed it, but I don't think I had done anything different? I thought I may have had something on my penis on the hiking camp, which there was red dots on the head of my penis and I figured it was from It showering, so once I got
Home I cleaned it and it cleared up almost instantly.
But I was thinking maybe she had a yeast infection aswell? Because I searched that and it kind of looks the same? Unless it was all herpes in google images, haha and I know doctors really say no to google diagnosing but still haha.

Wait wait Bow, why are you just now mentioning this to me? Are you still showing these signs on your penis? If so, and you feel comfortable then submit and image and I'll see if I notice anything out of the ordinary, but normally the transmission of HSV 2 to oral HSV 2 doesn't involve "translocation" unless you've been having unprotected vaginal intercourse with her too. You admitted that you ONLY did oral intercourse, but your story is warping a bit buddy. If you did test positive for HSV, and you've been telling me the truth, you should only have an oral form of HSV 2 and that's it.

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