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Dry red penis skin
Dry red penis skin  
Penis 1-2hrs after masterbating
Penis 1-2hrs after mas  
QUESTION: The glands of my penis head seem to be dry and reddish at various times throughout the day, and becomes much more noticeable after masterbating. It doesn't hurt at and isn't painful, it just appears dry. I applied a lot of steroid creams in the past and I think this may hae dried out the skin, and have also used a new body wash which I think may have also made things worse. I guess my question is, is this just dry skin caused from applying too much steroid cream, or could it be some sort of STD?, and if it is just dry skin what would be the best way to treat it?

Thank you so much for your help


I think you've come to me before for this, but the penis does not need creams, body washes, and the sort to be considered "clean." The dry appearance is considered pretty common and normal and just a tiny bit of soap, but mostly water is enough to clean it and yes you the substances you've been using on it would have been causing more chronic dryness, but it isn't something that can be "cured." To be honest your penis looks perfectly fine to me and to prevent friction abrasions from sexual activity, all you need is water based or silicone lubricant in conjunction with a barrier method if you engage in vaginal or anal intercourse. Otherwise just the lubricant is great for masturbation and you'll never have the redness or dryness again! Try a product like KY Jelly and get back to me once you've tried it.



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Small red bump
Small red bump  

Red bump
Red bump  
QUESTION: Thank you for your response and yea I have come to you about this problem before. Lately I have been paranoid about the condition of my penis and have been obsessively checking it, and it seems like everyday I notice a new bump or redness or something. Is it normal to have small reddish bumps on the glands of your penis and is it normal for it to get red in spots?  I just noticed a small red bump near the tip of my penis, it is small and doesn't hurt at all, but is it normal for these things to just show up, or could it possibly be some type of STD? Thank you so much for all of your help, I really appreciate it


If you did have an STI, everyone in the world would have it because all men would suffer from it and I stopped looking that closely at my penis 10 years ago because I know what I really should be paying attention to and dry skin isn't it :P

Little bumps and lumps sometimes don't have a medical explanation and if you were to watch one of my favorite programs in the world "Embarrassing Bodies" on YouTube then you would understand that. As I have stated before your penis looks pretty damn healthy and in good shape to me and if you need an ego boost, you have a lot to be proud of because I've seen penile glans with a lot worse dryness than yours! Let me know if you need follow up on a more serious issue, but for now take care of yourself and good luck.

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