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QUESTION: 31 yr old male. had condom protected one night stand vaginal sex 2 months ago. woke up today with an itch in my crotch, between my groin and testicles. Very hairy location. Never shaved there. Had two red bumps that are right next to each other, popped the first one, second one haven't popped. Really scared and worried it might be herpes. I have never had pimples down there before, though I have suffered from jock itch before. Please can you tell me what it is. Thank you so much!!!


Those are actually quite normal. They are sebaceous cysts and truthfully a lot of people get them, so this probably won't be the first time you get them nor will they be the last. Herpes lesions are much worse than that (quite painful really) and take forever to heal. Please don't attempt to pop your cysts as this creates a route for infection and you really don't want that as places where the Sun doesn't shine take much longer to heal because of there general location. If you need follow up let me know.

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QUESTION: Hi just wanted to give an update and ask a follow up question.

It has been six days since the sebaceous cyst showed up. I got it checked at the doctor's too, and they said it looked like a pimple. But even after six days it is still there, and looks the same. It is has become a little less red, but it still itches every now and again, and hurts in a sort of weird way, maybe because it is in a body part that has a lot of friction. It is unpoppable too... I'm guessing if it was really herpes it would have burst by now.

But I just wanted to know, is this normal for it to persist for so long? What can be done to treat it.

Again thank you for all the help and reassurance, it is very appreciated.


Cysts can last for weeks and even months sometimes, so I can't offer you a solution and I won't tell you to lance the damn thing either because I don't even do that to my own. It's just a bad idea and you won't like the outcome. Your undercarriage is naturally moist, dark, and the folds of your skin make for the perfect place for acne to persist and develop. It's just the way it is. I use Lotrimin spray on my downstairs and that helps a lot. There's also powder that you can use in your underwear to decrease the amount that you sweat as well. It's up to you to use products that can help! Let me know if you need follow up.



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