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Hi John,

Back in March I received unprotected oral and had protected sex with a female partner.  The next day I noticed a couple scratch marks which I showed a doctor and he informed me it wasn't herpes.  I was prescribed a cortisone/antibiotic called valisone g in case it developed into a bacterial infection.  I didn't have any pain or itching in the area.  Nearly two weeks after I developed a rash that was itchy which got swabbed and tested positive for yeast and staphylococcus aureus.  I visited a dermatologist who then reassured me that it isn't herpes and that I have psoriasis on the glans and was given a hydrocortisone cream to apply to the area.  The symptoms subsided within days, but I continued using valisone g for roughly two months thinking that it is helping the red rash (which is the psoriasis) get better.  I visited another doctor who told me to discontinue any creams to see if that will help the redness.  Two days after discontinuing the cream, in mid June, I developed a couple solid raised red bumps.  The bumps did not hurt, itch, blister or turn into an ulcer.  I'm fairly certain that there was redness that mirrored the bumps on the inner foreskin (I was circumcised at the time). I visited a doctor who assured me that it is not herpes nearly a week after I first saw the bumps.  He said it is yeast balanitis by visually looking at the bumps and did not swab the area because it is dry he then prescribed me an oral yeast tablet.  I applied an anti fungal cream on the bumps and took the tablet two weeks after and the bumps disappeared within three weeks.  Even though I was assured by several doctors I am paranoid that I may have herpes, I've read online that herpes can be painless and not blister/sore.  I haven't had any reoccurrences since, I've actually gone through a circumcision in July.  Does this sound like herpes? Would all the stress that I have had over the months not trigger an outbreak of it were herpes? Would the circumcision not also trigger an outbreak?  I've asked my female partner at the time if she has any STIs and she said no, she also said she doesn't get cold sores.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Wow Kev,

It sounds like this conversation won't go any other way unless I tell you you have herpes, so yes you have herpes. Actually, you know what-80% of the WORLD's population has HSV 1 or oral herpes, which is practically everyone and 25% has HSV 2 or genital herpes. So 8 out of every 10 people you've ever kissed in your life and 1 out of every 4 people you'll maybe ever fuck in your life will give you some form of herpes. Technically you have to have the IgM or IgG test to affirmatively check for it, but since you've definitively ignored your doctors who have assured not once, not twice, but three times that you don't have it, then who am I to tell you other wise? :P As for the bumps that you do have, those are called sebaceous cysts and closely mirror pimples, but they're on your penis instead of your face or elsewhere. Please don't pop them because they can get infected and it just becomes an icky problem.

Now if you EVER have any other problems, please for the love of Cthulhu, listen to your doctor or someone like me and don't buy into theories on the internet which will make you permanently paranoid or go insane. I love you dearly even though we've never met and I wish you a happy holiday and please chill out.

Popping a Valium,


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