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QUESTION: Hey, Im 17 years old and am not sexually active and have had 0 sexual partners.  I have had these bumps on my penis for a while now, earliest i can remember was since 13.  They do not itch, burn or irritate.


The easiest way to explain that to you is your glans contains multiple layers of skin, which slough off and leave the newest layer of skin underneath. Also, like the skin on your face, there are pores underneath those layers of skin, which show up as "bumps." This is normal for all men, so this is nothing to be concerned about and is completely normal. It's a condition known as Fordyce's and can occur on your scrotum, shaft, and even on your mouth. Its an inherited trait that a great deal of people have and they can disappear, but they can also come back. It's something that lessons as you age because I notice mine less as I get older and I'm 33. Let me know if you have follow-up.



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QUESTION: Thanks, but i see you said it appears on the shaft, scrotum on face.  These bumps are on the head of my penis and look rather like genital warts.  Just would like a clarification and confirmation.
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The condition appears on your glans as well. It's not genital warts; that looks like a completely different pathology. HPV takes the form of skin tags or benign cauliflower-like growths on the outside of the skin and they often are darker in color compared to the normal skin tone. Your skin is completely normal, pink, perfused, and in contour to the surrounding area. Let me know if you have follow-up.



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