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Sexually Transmitted Diseases/genital herpes or allergy? please help


herpes or allergy
herpes or allergy  
Hello there. It has been almost two months since I start feeling itchy, sometimes burning sensation around my anus and there is abnormal skin condition. I went to doctor and he said it should be allergic reaction to something and prescribed a cream(pimafucort) and drugs that lower irritation. However, so far the treatment has been ineffective and I still feel burning sensation and sometimes I have anal bleeding. I start thinking that it might be genital herpes or some kind of STD because 6 months ago I had unprotected sex. To illustrate my situation, I uploaded a photo of mine showing affected areas. Please help me? I'm not really sure about what it is?

Hello I cannot diagnose from pictures or over the internet. You must try to go to another doctor and get a second opinion if the first doctor cannot help you. Don't give up until you get help. And refrain from sex if you are not married. There is no such thing as "protected" sex. There is no method of birth control that is 100% safe in preventing STDs or pregnancy. Let me know what happens.

Diane W.

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