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I'm a 29 years old male. I am a married man who a few months ago made the biggest mistake of his life. On December 11th i received an oral sex from a CSW, i was using condom by that time and i'm absolutely sure i was protected, the oral sex activity is actually quite brief only last for about a minutes or two, and i came in the condom, NO intercourse whatsoever anal or vaginal and it ended just like that. After that i examine the condom and it does not leaked or broken. I am very anxious and scared that i might catch any STD after that event until now, it was my first time and will be my last. I have got tested for Gonorhea, Chlamydia, Syphilis and Herpes and they are all negative. But i'm worried that i might get genital warts or high risk HPV. Am i at risk from HPV transmission from this encounter? Any response in very much expected and appreciated.

ANSWER: Anthony,

So great news, you have a greater chance of being struck by lightning than contracting an STI in this case because you were practicing safe sex. The penis was covered by a condom and the risk of contracting HPV (which is genital warts) is extremely low from oral as she would have to have active warts in or around the oral area in order to give them to you and that's extremely rare. Sex workers "should" take their health very seriously in order to stay in business so I take it that your contact was about as safe as you could get. If you have follow-up let me know.



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QUESTION: Dear John,

Thank you very much for your comprehensive answers. I just have one more final follow-up question. Because of the low probability can i just safely assume that i was not infected and therefore can continue having unprotected sex with my wife? I really don't want to hurt my spouse because my mistake and really just want this to be over and not have to worry about picking anything up from that stupid encounter any more. Thank again for your response.


Like I said, you weren't engaging in a risky activity, so if I thought you were doing something dangerous I would have said so. You're in a monogamous relationship with your partner and as long as you're not having unprotected sex outside of that relationship I say do whatever makes you happy!



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