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Can you please tell me what does it look like to you? I'm 23 year old female, still a virgin. I've noticed these bumps couple of months ago (I think it was July 2014). Also, I've noticed they are inflamed around my period (before and after). I've tried acid test with 5% apple vinegar (only I have at home) and I didn't noticed any drastic changes. These bumps are located on bottom part of my introitus (in two rows from both sides)they are soft, don't hurt or itch. Im planning to become sexually active and I don't want to infect my partner. I would also like to add that I can flatten these bumps, raise them up (they are not firm, they can wiggle around like cilia.)
Is it possible to get warts from using someone's towel, toilets mayble, doorknobs or I was thinking maybe shaking hands  with someone who has warts and then accidentaly touching your private parts (for example: wiping yourself after peeing). I'm really worried that I'm in those 1% unlucky people who got infection in that stupid way. Is 9% vinegar to acidic to be applied on these kind of bumps for q-tip test?

Sorry for the long post I wanted to give you all information about my condition.

Thank you for your time and answer.



Those are squamous papilloma and are considered to be pretty normal and quite common. Though its recommended to get them checked out as part of a pap smear whenever you visit your OBGYN provider. Make sure to have a pap every 3 years to check for cervical cancer risk and HPV among other things, but they are not to be confused with any disease nor are they are they abnormal. In fact, they are part of your normal anatomy and women experience them as they sexually mature. If you have follow-up let me know. HPV can only be transmitted through direct skin to skin contact, so you would have to have sex with an infected partner in order to transmit HPV to you; it doesn't happen through a handshake nor through an object and for the vinegar test just normal white vinegar or apple cider vinegar is effective. If the area turns WHITE then its a positive test, but if the area stays pink or the normal tissue color then you have nothing to worry about.



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