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Last Thursday a rash developed on my penis. I had just come back from the gym and hadn't showered or washed my hands and I masturbated (very unhygienic I know, I wasn't thinking). After I finished I took a shower. When I was getting out of the shower I felt a tingling on my penis and looked down and there were some red bumps around the base of the shaft, and a few sporadically on other parts of the shaft. The back of the shaft was also red and inflamed. Over the next few days, the bumps turned into a raised and dry rash which I can describe best as looking eczema-ish. The back of the shaft would often get very dry and have a white coating (looked like dead skin) over it, and was still red and inflamed.

In addition, after a couple days the front of my scrotum also turned red and inflamed. When I would wake up in the morning, it would look red and scaly almost like psoriasis.

I had unprotected sex twice with two different partners the week before all this happened. I went to an STI clinic and got checked out, and he suspected it was herpes but that it didn't look like a common case of herpes. He said that perhaps I have had cold sores on my lips before and built up some immunity or something.

I am waiting on the blood work but I don't know when it will come in and I am nervous. I am hopeful that it is not herpes because of a few things:
1) The rash developed almost immediately after I masturbated after the gym
2) There was never any liquid in the rash, to get a sample the doctor had to "sandpaper" it with a swab until it was bleeding
3) I never developed any scabs like I've seen in pictures.

Today marks one week after it started and the rash is going away, in the places where it was the skin is red and a little glossy. I haven't used any kind of treatment other than frequent washing.

Do I definitely have herpes? Or could it be something else?


The bumps you're referring to are epidermal abrasions caused by unlubricated masturbation and any form of sexual activity can do that. I recommend investing in a water or silicone based lubricant to prevent future abrasions from occurring. They generally disappear within a few days, but a few dabs of hydrocortisone applied to the area typically speeds up healing time. As for the rest of the rash on your body, its possible that it was an unrelated case of jock itch and you can treat that with your typical ointments or sprays (which are better in my opinion) and follow the instructions as directed. But it isn't herpes at all. Let me know if you have follow-up.



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