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penis bumps
penis bumps  
penis bumps
penis bumps  
QUESTION: For six months i have had these bumps on the head of my penis, i have been putting lamisil for past three days and no sign of any thing getting better, the bumps look like what i get on my feet when i have a athlete foot attack, and hands when i wear gloves for work. Im worried i could pass whatever it is to my girl. I have been with her for 4 years about a year ago we broke up and i had sex with another then we got back together and i went to dr. He said i have jock itch and i got a chlamydia and gonnarea test came back neg. But using fungi lotion and no change, any ideas i am circumcised they do seem to be more prominent after friction
They do not itch, nor do they change grow nor dissipate
Just ugly looking


Those are Fordyce's spots, which are a form of sebaceous cyst or acne and not a disease. In fact, they are genetically inherited and a lot of people have them, including myself. They can appear anywhere in the genital area, but most often appear in the scrotum, shaft, and glans. You can even get them around your mouth. They should never be popped as that can lead to infection and scarring and they can come back, which is why you leave them alone. So if you want to get a second opinion from your doctor that's great! But you definitely don't have to be afraid of sex. I still advise you to use a barrier method when having intercourse of course.



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QUESTION: Thank you for your answer,
I was looking upFordyce's spots and they say use a lotion that has Sea buckthorn. In it, im gonna try it, but was wondering if you have any idea what causes these? Friction, underlying infection/disease? They say its hereditary but but just trying to understand why after 30 years they just pop up, just one of lifes mysteries? I ask only because i can surf the internet on one subject and receive more differnt answers for one subject then i can count.
Agian thank you for getting back to me, and very happy to know its not an std.


As I said its not a disease, its a form of inherited skin trait, just like oily skin or excessively dry skin. Not everyone has Fordyce's, and some people have worse forms of it. You've always had Fordyce's, it didn't just "pop up," you've probably never paid attention to it because its not something you pay attention to unless you really manipulate the folds of your scrotum or genitalia. I completely ignore mine and it actually lessens in severity as you age, so at the age of 33 it doesn't look as bad as it did when I was 18. I don't do anything about mine, so I cant say what "sea buckthorn" does nor could I endorse it. If your case is severe enough they can be removed by the dermatologist but it is costly, so that's up to you.



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