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Penis Up Close
Penis Up Close  
My boyfriend of 8 months is complaining of itchy bumps on his penile shaft and around the base of the penis. They look as though they are coming to a head. However, he has been unable to "pop" any of them. I asked my gyno about the 1st picture I uploaded, she said it looked like molluscum contagiosum. I asked a nurse who used to work at Planned Parenthood about the 2 other pictures, she said it looked like pearly penile papules - but those only appear around the head of the penis. He also states there a few in his pubic hair.

Hi Kyra,

So after looking at the pictures for over 30 times, I think that they could be molluscum because they look a tad different from the typical inflamed sebaceous pores I normally look at. Molluscum appears in clusters and messing with them in anyway, by popping for example, will spread the virus to other areas. Which is why you leave them alone and if you chose to have intercourse, it has to be with a condom (or you will get it too). The good news with molluscum is that after the nodes heal, the immune system suppresses the virus forever and there are no more active outbreaks usually unless for some reason your boyfriend has a compromised immune system. Sometimes children get MC and then never get it again, but those who don't get it can get it as adults in the form of an STI. The main things to remember are never scratch, you an use a hydrocortisone cream applied lightly to the area to tone down the itchiness, you can even put tape over the area to help keep it safe from your fingernails if you want.

The best way to assess this, of course, is to have your boyfriend visit his primary care physician and to have a scrape to be 100% certain it really is MC instead of just clogged pores. Btw, there were some bumps at the bottom of the penis shaft that were whiteheads more so than nodes at the top of the shaft, but you still shouldn't pop them! Let me know if you have follow-up.



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