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Penis head
Penis head  

Hello Dr.
I have this problem where i had sex with a girl i did not know so well.And a few weeks later i started having a very itcy genitals,and a itchy skin all over my body.At first i thought it was scabies so  bought a lotion and tried it but it's still itchy.And my penis head is startid to look a little bit wierd aswell,It has been around 2 mounths now after ive had sex with that girl.And also my girlfriend had yeast infection but she had a operation and she's all well now. But please can you tell from these pictures is it a STD or something else?.

Thank you !


So the "white dots" are actually a form of discharge and would indicate the an infection. Since its been over a week since you sent this question, you should consider this as a possible STI and seek help from your primary care physician. For problems to stick around after two months indicate problems internally, but are you having any discharge from the penis itself? Burning while urination? That would indicate chlamydia or gonorrhea and you should be on an antibiotic, so please get tested at your earliest convenience. Let me know if you have follow-up.



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