Sexually Transmitted Diseases/White hard like bumps


Painless white hardish bumps, been getting these for three months now.
I need help to diagnose this please. They just pop up out of no where.


Those are Fordyce's spots, which are a form of sebaceous cyst or acne and not a disease. In fact, they are genetically inherited and a lot of people have them, including myself. They can appear anywhere in the genital area, but most often appear in the labial folds. You can even get them around your mouth. They should never be popped as that can lead to infection and scarring and they can come back, which is why you leave them alone. However, if you want to get a second opinion from your doctor that's great! But you definitely don't have to be afraid of sex. I still advise you to use a barrier method when having intercourse of course.



P.S.-Don't use a razor to shave your pubic area! This can lead to increased ingrown hairs, yeast infections, and irritation. If you must "ladyscape" then use scissors, an electric razor with a close guard, or pay for a Brazilian wax since there are no harmful side effects with either of those.  

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