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Warts or papiloma
Warts or papiloma  
QUESTION: Hi doctor
I have found soft , fleshcolor, shiny  papils that are arranged in a lne on my both insides of labia minora, are they warts? (Regarding to attached picture)

ANSWER: Greetings,

That is normal cell growth called squamous papilloma; it occurs is nearly all sexually developing women. You have them assessed every 3 years when you have your pap smear. Your OBGYN will also check for cervical cancer and HPV among other things as well, so if this concerns you then you can make an appointment, but its not something to be concerned about at this time. Let me know if you have follow up.



---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

I have met my OBGYN. She has taken  PAP Smear test the result will come out in 6 days. but she has prescribed me ACICLOVIR tablet (every 4 hr) and 6 fluconazole capsules(every 12 hr). arent they used for herpes? i am really scared.
i should mension 10 days ago when i saw papailomas, which maked me concern,there was a painful boil on my left labia minora that makes me think that is Bartholin. AFTER that time i started to check papila and boil many times in a day ba pulling labial fold right and left and up and down and and i used Clotrimazole anh hydocortizone ointment. after 2 days of using these ointment i started to feel itching in my external vagina and around anus.
yesterday i have seen my OBGYN as described above.she has also scribe me blood test for for HSV,HPV, HIV. she told me thereis no Bartholin and it was just a boil that hase been removed by itself.and told me she cant identify any warts be fore she see the result of blood test. I AM REALLY SCARED to get my blood test. i am really stress full person.
why OBGYN proscribed me Aciclovir do you see any symptom of herpes?
Best regards

ANSWER: Greetings,

It sounds like just a precaution on her part, but I don't think you have any active signs of herpes or HSV. Also, clotrimazole is used for the treatment of fungal infections, if you have nothing to treat, why would you use the product? It probably would make you itch because they mess with your internal vaginal chemistry, which is NORMAL unless you do have an active infection, so STOP using them. Wait for your blood tests to come back and share the results with me.



---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: my blood test has come out : hsv igg and igm were positive.HIV: Negative.
about igg the lab has note that it could be false positive and maybe need for further analysis. what dose it mean?

i should mention that i have had chickenpox as 13 yrs old.
all of my family have frequent sores on their lips (i have  not any till now). just when i have itching and burning vulva, my sister had cold sore on her lip and my brother told that he feels burning around his lip.
i know that i dont have any sores in my genitals. i am sure. i checked my self every day. i had white odorless discharge, no fever ,no urination pain. i just have had itching and burning on my vulva and around anous. i feel nothing inside my vagina at all.

what could it be?
is it definitely hsv? ( the test was not type specific for HSV)

I am really dis-pressed.
what shall i do?
can any woman with HSV become pregnant and have a child?

thank you very much.


So normally with an IGM test, there is a stronger possibility of a false positive because the blood test could pick up the other forms of herpes (not just HSV). The IGG test is far more reliable and is usually the standard for diagnosis of HSV, so according to these results it detected herpes simplex virus, but neither you nor the test specified which one. So I would get another HSV test from another provider or source (like the health department). Herpes is an extremely common STI, just like HPV, with nearly half the adult US population having it at some point in their lives, so you're not exactly alone on this. However, most cases of HSV are ORAL or HSV 1. HSV 2 is more uncommon, but again, I can't tell you which one you have. Yes, women can have herpes and still have children, but if you're on antiviral medication during pregnancy (assuming it's safe) then you are at less of a risk of passing it to your child. Let me know if you have follow up.



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