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QUESTION: hi good day,

i just kind of have a question and i am really worried.

ok, well i might have been exposed with hiv around oct '14, havent really had any ars related symptom then except for fever and had like MC on my penis(body and pubic area) , but i guess it was probably due to boils that i had. after taking anti biotics it went away. but by november 14 my urine started smelling bad and cloudy. it hasnt go away since then i dont know it was related to anyting or we normally go through it.  anyway, 6 months later thats when i started getting like inflamed lymph nodes in my groin area, sometimes both side of my groin area has inflamed feeling/burning, somethings its in my neck, like days would past it goes in different location where our lymph nodes area and ive got like few pimple looking like rash in my feet and arm and body but they do dont form in a one area only and i basically been feeling fatigue, like i would wake up in the morning and my knees are feeling really tired, it felt like my energy is being drained out my knee and what concerns me now is that ive got a bean like lymph node under my ear. first i had a inflamed nodes both side of my neck then the day after i had sore throat w/ bean like swollen lymph node under my ear and now a cold
fever and still have my swollen lymph node in my ear. so basically i been exp. a inflamed nodes and swollen lynph node under my ear, they would just switch around.

my question are

1. is it possible to have a hiv symptoms 6 months after possible exposure?

2. does smelly and cloudy urine and fatigue sign of hiv( i had these the longest, i still exp. them til now)

3. inflamed and swollen lymph nodes in my neck (july 15) had a sore throat and i currently have colds could be a sign of hiv?

p.s sometimes the tip of my penis is feeling pain when i urinate, probably a uti, coz i usually go pee often and i looks like the penis of my head is turning green? u know like when u go swimming and u spent time being just in the water and when u see your penis head it would turn like greyish, it kind of look like that and it kind have a brownish small patch in the middle. like pigmented brown..

sorry for my english, hopefully u know what i am trying to say :(

im planning to get tested next week and i am just feeling really worried probably wont be able to sleep.

hopefully you will get back at me
asap, thank you

ANSWER: Hello Aldrin,
Your recurrently inflamed lymph nodes may be due to lots of things, including nuisance skin infections, bug bites, syphilis and other STDs, including HIV. The best advice is to seek medical care with a health care provider who is knowledgeable in such things.  With regards to your specific questions:

1) HIV may or may not cause an acute response that mimics a flu-like syndrome a few days to weeks after primary exposure/infection. After a person has been infected, signs and symptoms of immunosuppressive illnesses and opportunistic infections may appear, but these usually take many years to manifest.  So yes, it is possible to have symptoms of HIV 6 months after exposure, but these really are of different infections that may develop, not really HIV per se.

2) Smelly and cloudy urine are indicative of dehydration, not drinking enough water, and possibly a urinary tract infection infection or prostate infection.  Urinary infections are not common in young men, but are not unheard of.

3) Swollen and inflamed lymph nodes are a sign of viral or bacterial infection, and more common infections, like strep throat, influenza or other viral syndromes may be responsible. Bug bites, dental infections, skin infections, and a bunch of other things can cause this. Fatigue and malaise may also result.

4) Color changes of your penis are probably due to insufficient washing (retracting foreskin and washing with water, without soap).

You didn't really say how you may have been infected or exposed in October of 2014, and didn't mention any other activities that might contribute to increased risk for anything.  

Good luck! Hope this is helpful.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: oh yes sorry i forgot to mention about it, well i had unprotected sex with a girl ive only gone out with for months, few days after it, i started getting a pimple like thing in my penis and pubic area, probably had them for over 1-2 weeks then i started drinking anti biotics and it eventually went away.

anyway thank you very much for answering my questions, mind i ask a follow up questions?

as of now, i feel fine in the morning its just that my jaw line area is feeling sore or i guess bcoz of the inflamed lymph node that i am experiencing. and what really bothers me is that bean shaped swollen lymph node under my ear is still there and its been 3-5 days and i am really getting worried when i push/touch it, it kind of hurts.

im sorry if ive got too much questionts its just that ive never had or exp this before

like how many % chance that i might have been infected with hiv based on all the things ive having or experience. just a wild guess u know, u would really help me before i get my self tested, thank you very much and have a nice day

Hello Again, Aldrin,
Sorry for the delay in replying. The symptoms you have seem to be due to reactive lymph nodes from localized infection near those tender and swollen lymph nodes. You are taking antibiotics INCORRECTLY, and are setting yourself up for infections that are resistant to any known antibiotic.  This can cause serious health problems. Apply moist heat compresses on these swollen lymph nodes as a way to treat them without antibiotics.

The liklihood of being exposed or infected to HIV, really depends on your sexual history and practices, and the "percentage chance" is not calculable. Get tested, and then you will know.  I don't think it is likely, however, this should not stop you from getting tested.  

Good luck!

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