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QUESTION: Not sure of these red bumps on my Penis glands are a form of STD's, rash, fungal infection or other...have not gotten tested for any STD yet, but will do soon. It rarely itches, and when it does, it seems more than my entire genital area simply itches because of discomfort in my attire. Have been applying Coconut Oil frequently to help keep the skin hydrated.

ANSWER: Jonathan,

You could use all the oil or lotion in the world and it wouldn't stay "hydrated" because you're circumcised just like me and that's just the nature of the game buddy. The skin cells of the glans naturally hardened into scales and eventually slough off in a process called keratinization. Even uncircumcised men have issues with their glans as well-just in a different way. Your glans is perfectly normal and discoloration is also normal. What ISN'T normal is if you notice massive changes in colors or growths in a short period of time. This would lead to a possibility of skin cancer (which is extremely rare). I get my skin checked every year as I have a weird discoloration on the glans of my penis as well, but it's completely normal for me (I've had it for two decades). Remember to use a water or silicone based lubricant during anal or vaginal intercourse and even during masturbation is recommendation to prevent chaffing! If you need further guidance let me know.



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QUESTION: Thanks again for your response. I have read up on the possibility of penile cancer,are there any other indicative factors of cancer? Most likely today I'm going to be tested for any STD's just incase. The little red bumps have slowly come to bed first it was maybe just one, and maybe over a period of 4-5 months, has it gotten to its current state. Would that be considered to be a quick rapid change? Or is it more if its in the span of a week or so? I also attached another photo of an area about right underneath the gland. Thank you again for the help


What you are going through is actually quite normal! I have already responded to four other guys TODAY who are experiencing the exact same symptoms as you, so its not relegated to just you. Penile cancer is so rare that 1 in 100,000 men get it; in fact, in the year 2015 only 310 men died from it. The world population is 8 billion, so I doubt you're going to be 311. If you wanted to get tested then that's fine, but like I said it's important to be an advocate for your health and I agree that if you "had" a growth that changed really abruptly (which you don't seem to have) then I would tell you to visit a dermatologist. However, if you want to get tested for STI's then that's fine! :D

Let me know how your test result's go! Cheers,


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