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Penile bumps
Penile bumps  

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Pubis bumps  
Hey what's up doctor Brice ? My name is Joe, I am 21 years of age and to be honest I am pretty sexually active . I can count on one hand how many times I've have had sex without a condom which probably doesn't help because I know it only takes once .I haven't had se for going on 5 months but I just wanted to know what you thought the possibilities were and what I could possibly have gotten based on the details that I'm giving you. Sooooo here goes... Like I assume anyone does, I shave pretty regularly because I don't like pubic hair. If I forget to shave, I will do so before I have sex most of the time. I shave with the same clippers that you cut hair with but they've become sharp somehow and I have nicked myself a couple times. Given those details, I have about 5 or 6 red bumps in my pubic area which lay under my pubic hair and about 4 more tiny ones going up each side of my penis until about the half way point . I've had them since the very end of October , today is now the 27th of January . I've did an insane amount of research due to a serious case of paranoia and i just want to know what the possibilities are . The bumps have not really spread within the 4 months, I've only grew maybe one or two more that are very tiny and almost unnoticeable . They have not blistered or opened up so I don't think it's Herpes and by what the images show on "chancres and ulcers", I have reason to believe it's neither Syphilis nor Warts of any sort. Sometimes the bumps get slightly irritated and turn red but only if I bother them , they're usually a pretty neutral color . They don't look too troublesome , I actually showed a couple people around me that I trust and they said that they almost look like shaving bumps . That's fine and dandy but I'm almost certain shaving/razor bumps do not last 4 months and sometimes locate at the halfway point of the penis. I know you can't cure me or treat me over the web doc but I could really use something to get me a little bit closer to a solution. Oh and one more thing, it does burn when I pee but I was previously checked for that and my doctor said i was squeaky clean . She said the pain in urination is due to my unhealthy eating habits and my extremely high level of acid intake. Just wanted to share that just in case that had anything to do with anything . I've received an analysis previous to the one I'm requesting from you but I really just wanted a second opinion on a matter this serious. Ok thank you doctor for your time and expertise , it is oh so greatly appreciated . I also just wanted to know if it was possible for bumps to be visible for 5 months without any shift of shape or form to still be a STD/STI such as Herpes,Warts or Syphilis .


So first of all, I appreciate that you're using clippers, but make sure it's not a really close guard or you will open a nick in the skin and that can create an infection. I use scissors myself, but never ever use a mechanical razor as this is a breeding ground for bacteria. As for your bumps, they appear to be cysts, which means you could burn the little suckers off with vinegar and test for HPV at the same time, which is what they almost remind me of. Take a QTip and dunk it in vinegar for about 30 seconds they apply it to your cysts. If they turn bright white then you tested positive for HPV and you could actually use vinegar soaked bandaids and have them fall off because they're so small. However, if they stay that pink color then you're completely in the clear and you can still treat them either way. I would recommend following up with your primary care provider just in case you do have a positive test result. Nearly 50% of sexually active adults will end up with HPV in their lifetime, so it's not something to freak out about either.



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