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Hi John,

A few months back I masturbated without much lube and noticed a mark that looked like a friction burn. It didn't hurt or bleed, just looked like the skin was damaged. Fast forward a few months and the spot is still there. It is a red, shiny circle. The spot has never been raised, blistered, an ulcer, or anything that an STD would look like. My girlfriend and I have dated for four years and have had sex with and without condoms. Neither of us has ever had an STD nor have we cheated on each other.

The spot never hurts, but it makes me self conscious. When I masturbate or have sex with or without a condom, the spot gets red afterwards, like it is irritated. Also, sometime it gets really dry, which made me think it was genital psoriasis, since I have a few spots on my scalp. I used the topical cream for my scalp on my penis and I wonder if that is the reason it hasn't gone away? If the cream was maybe too strong?

I wouldn't even know the spot was there if I couldn't see it because it isn't raised nor is it painful.



Since the sore is not open, nor does it appear to match any of the STI symptoms I am familiar with, I would suggest this is a skin problem. Typically, you don't self-medicate problems like these because they can go away on their own. If you want to ask a physician about it then find a dermatologist or urologist regarding this problem. And as for your dryness problem, nearly ALL guys who are circumcised have a problem with keratinazation or hardening of the skin. This is also a normal process and cannot be stopped nor treated. Let me know if you need further assistance.



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