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hi and thank you to anyone in advance that can help me out with my questions.

im currently in a relationship with a woman from Venezuela, been in an online relationship for the past 3 years, and im now looking into moving there to be with her.

im Lebanese and currently living in Kuwait, i do have a valid lebanese passport that i can renew at any given time.

so my questions are:

1- what is the fastest way for me to obtain a visa to get there?
2- what are the restrictions that i might face if i want to stay there for more than what my visa allows?
3- what are the ways for me to obtain legal residency there if i go on a tourist visa? and can it be done from within the country or do i have to leave?
4- i will be staying with her for my duration there, so do i have to provide prof of residency as part of my visa application? or can i just get a letter from her stating that i will be living with her? and what are the legal (if any) retributions if i over stay my duration to her if she sponsors me?

thank you again for any help on this...i might have more questions once these are answered...hope you dont mind.

Hi George,

1. The fastest way is through a Venezuelan Embassy
2. There aren't many restrictions, you can request a permission to overstay at the SAIME office, and once you get married you should be allowed to stay legally.
3. You can do it from Venezuela if you are to get married.
4. You only need to state where you are staying, yes you can present a letter saying that you will be staying with her. There are no real legal retributions as far as I understand, except there are things you will not be able to do until you get a residency, like for example open a bank account.

No problem I am here to answer.



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