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QUESTION: Hello there , my name is Anthony, please advice me what would be the best way to ship my car , an SUV 1988, chevy blazer to venezuela from san diego, ca.  I can use it there with american plates .  I wanna ship the car first and then fly there and pick the car up and drive it there !? you have any ideas !? ..thank you so much

ANSWER: Hi Anthony,

Are you planning to move to Venezuela? If this is the case, you need to go to the Venezuelan embassy and fill in the form to bring your car to Venezuela as part of your belongings, these are the requirements:

Requirements to take vehicles to Venezuela as passenger baggage

Passenger Baggage Regulations

Passengers are those nationals or residents of the country who enter or leave the national territory through places using customs offices aboard public or private transportation.

a)  Requirements to take vehicles to Venezuela:

   Complete the Certificado de Uso de Vehículo form, sign it in the presence of a notary public, and bring to the court to have the notary’s signature guaranteed.
   An original purchase receipt, issued by the company that sold the vehicle or a replacement document of the purchase.
   An original title certified by the Division of Motor Vehicles demonstrating that the vehicle has been the property of the requesting party for 11 months or more.
   Two copies of the vehicle’s title, notarized and having the notary’s signature guaranteed by a court. (NO APOSTILLE)
   An original and photocopy of the vehicle registration (all). If you do not have them, you must obtain a record from the tax agency.
   An original and a photocopy of the document issued by the country’s motor vehicle authority indicating that the vehicle has no legal prohibitions.
   Fill in the form on time spent abroad indicating visits made to Venezuela in the last year.
   Submit the ORIGINAL Venezuelan passport, valid for at least six (6) months. Submit a photocopy of all passport pages including blank ones (the passport must have at least one free page to affix the seal of the Certificate of Use). If you have another nationality you must bring a photocopy of all pages of that passport.
   Photocopy of government issued identification.
   Cashier’s check or money order for seventy dollars ($70) payable to the Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. Cash and personal checks not accepted.


1. Submit documents organized according to the order stated above
2. Provide one (1) original of all required documents
3. Provide one (1) photocopy of all required documents
4. We may require other items not mentioned above.

The importing of used vehicles for personal transportation which enter under the regulation of passenger baggage is regulated by Housing Ministry Regulation Number 924 of August 29, 1991, as published in Federal Registry Number 34,790 on September 3, 1991. This regulation states the following:

Each passenger can only introduce one vehicle as part of their baggage, with no restrictions regarding its make or model.

The passenger must be of age and must have resided abroad for a period of no less than one (1) year; this period may be interrupted by short exits and entries, as long as his or her residency does not change.

The vehicle must be the property and for the personal use of the passenger, and this must be supported by a license or original certificate of registration issued in the passenger’s name by the relevant authorities of the country of the vehicle’s origin. This certificate must be issued no less than eleven (11) months before entry into the country.

For the nationalization of the vehicle, the object of these regulations, the interested party must present duly legalized documentation to the Consul of Venezuela or the person charge of those duties establishing that the interested party has used the vehicle as its owner for a period of no less than eleven (11) months. This documentation should include an original receipt of purchase made by the passage or a substitute document from the originating country establishing the resale of the vehicle, as well as a completed copy of the corresponding form.

Cars used for personal transportation by those who enter the country under these regulations are free from paying the Import Tax. They must pay the Customs Services Tax which is equivalent to 2% of the CIF value, as long as the value of the new car does not exceed the equivalent of 20 thousand dollars ($20,000) in Venezuelan currency. If this is the case, the passenger must also pay a Customs Tariff of 35% ad valorem of the vehicle’s CIF value. For the vehicle to be free of taxes, its sale price at the time it was purchased must not exceed 20 thousand dollars ($20,000).

NOTE 1: Vehicles that enter under these regulations cannot be ceded or transferred for a period of three (3) years, beginning at the time of the vehicle’s nationalization. Moreover, under these regulations a passenger will not be able to bring another vehicle into the country until three (3) years have passed.

NOTE 2: The original ownership title of the vehicle should be stamped with the Embassy’s round seal. This document should be presented to U.S. customs authorities with the rest of the documentation As such, for the preparation of the Certificate of use, a copy of the vehicle’s title of ownership containing an apostille should be included.

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QUESTION: Thank you so much!....I don't think I can go through all this hassle, I am in San Diego and the embassy does not answer emails, or phone calls.

I wanted actually to know if I can ship the car there and pick it up from the port of entry and drive it for one year and then leave the country and come back ,..I was wandering if they would put my car on the passport when I pick it up there.  Is like temporary use to enter Venezuela visit the country and get out by car when the times comes ..  I wanna become a resident, since I have a condo there, but again is a big hassle or impossible, or I don't know better  ..please let me know what you think ....thank you again

btw I am european and CU passport that better to use versus US passport !!!??

ANSWER: Hi Anthony,

To do this you have to request a special permit from the Emassy, which the do give but only on very special ocassions, for example a car race o special competition. It still is a hassle to get it out of the port one is here. My advice is that you don't do it.

Either passport works fine, both will allow you a 3 month stay as a tourist. Here anything can be done if you know the right people and have the right amount of money or political contacts.



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QUESTION: Hola Margie,

but let's say I ship the car to Colombia, and then drive to venezuela the Customs how the venezueleans would treat me at the entrance!? ..I am tourist by car travelling through Venezuela !!?? we all do from here to mexico...up to panama ...colombia ..that was actually mi final option ..keep in mind that I am not a resident there so they would not even allow me to take the car using the procedure you described ..or I don't know !?  What do you think !?

You could bring the car through Colombia, I don't know their regulations on this, but I know that at the Venezuelan border they will issue a temporary permit, they decide for how long. I am sure this permit can't be for more than 3 months, and that it can't be extended. But you can't bring the car as luggage unless you have a residency visa. I think you should buy an used car here which is a pretty good investment, since cars prices increases lot with time even used ones.



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