Venezuela/Cedula, again.


Daniel wrote at 2013-12-16 22:22:42
Adding more info on top of what Margie wrote,  

you will need

1.) paper from Hospital of where you were born

2.) you will need the original paper of where you were presented to government  (may not be necessary)

I also recommend going to Saime (I think thats the one) but in Caracas to do this, as I think Caracas has more experience or knowledge on getting this done,  I tried to get this done in Maracay to no avail,  and have traveled back there multiple times...   

I plan on going next year (year 3) to get this done...    but this time Caracas is the best place to get it done.  

johny wrote at 2015-09-30 00:34:44
Its going to be hard to do this. They keep on adding things that people require to obtain the cedula. You will have to make sure all of your documents are in the new registry and have the new stamp on them. I´ve been waiting for 8 months and they just keep on giving me excuses. I go to one place they take away the original and give me a copy then they tell me ¨dont worry you dont need the original to do your cedula¨ and when i go to do my cedula(mind you these line ups take hours) they tell me that  i need the original. So basically i´mstuck waiting on my original documents again cause they aren´t working how they should be. 5 months i´ve been waiting for my renewed birth certifacte and they are just wasting time on everything. I wish you better luck than i'm having.  


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