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My wife is from Caracas. Speaks fluent Spanish. We live in the states. Close to retirement. 2 kids finishing college. My pension will be about 5500/month. We just came back from the Island-vacation. 2 weeks is a lot difft than perhaps 2 or more years. Loved Pampatar, beaches, and currency exchange rate (60 to1). Are we crazy for wanting to make the jump? How well can we live on this income with black market rates? Thoughts?


Hi Mona,

Margarita is a beautiful place, and as you say the exchange rate is excellent for you. Of course you need to consider safety issues, that would be the biggest concern. Also, the scarcity of things like soap, toothpaste, toilet paper, milk, chicken, butter, vegetable oil, among other things. That could ruin things for anyone, having the money to buy these things but not being able to find them is a bot frustrating to say the least.  With that income you can live in the nicest area, or maybe Juan Griego, where everything is even more beautiful, that wouldn't be a concern. I would suggest keep extra safe, maybe import the things we don't have here and things should be good. Also, if you don't find it very appealing, try Costa Rica, people say it's wonderful.




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