hi Margie
i am worried if u can guid me i married to venezulan woman but we married in pakistan and we dont have constlate in paksitan so i went to get my visa from iran counstlate. know i came on famliy visa for one year i registerd my marriage in paksitan and did apostal form ministry of forigen affiars paksitan. but iran constalte didnt send me yet my marriage registration yet i applied for my visa on 10 december 2012 now its april gone may is started i didnt get my certifcate so i am worried about it what i can do. do i need to get marry agian in venezula to register our marriage or is there any other way to register marrage. i sent emails to conslate but no answer form them. i cant go back to iran its expesive. plz help me to find out what shall i do. other question can i apply for my id with out this certifcate and will i be able to extend my visa after expiray.

Hi Khan,

You could get married again in Venezuela, but why don't you wait for your certificate from Iran? Sometimes it takes a long while ask the sender to call the mail office. You can't apply for a cedula without a valid status, but you can extend your visa, try going to a SAIME office with your wife to get information about this.



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